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Stock Splits: How They Work and Why They Happen

The dividends paid by shares adjust proportionately following a stock split. In other words, you should receive the same amount of dividends after the split as you did before it. Publicly traded companies have a set amount of outstanding shares available in the market. In most cases, your brokerage will automatically adjust your trades to […]

Debt-to-equity ratio calculator

A higher debt-equity ratio indicates a levered firm, which is quite preferable for a company that is stable with significant cash flow generation, but not preferable when a company is in decline. Conversely, a lower ratio indicates a firm less levered and closer to being fully equity financed. According to their financial statements, their total liabilities is […]

Chart of Accounts Accounting and Financial Services Our Services University of Notre Dame

An international corporation with several divisions may need thousands of accounts, whereas a small local retailer may need as few as one hundred accounts. For ease of use, a COA contains the list of accounts’ names, brief descriptions, account type, account balance and account codes for each sub-account. On the other hand, organizing the chart with a higher level of […]