We are Atyab Al Nafea for the perfume industry, established in 1998 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We expanded to the United Arab Emirates in 2020 to be pioneers in the manufacturing and production of oriental and international perfumes under our registered trademark with the Ministry of Economy in the Emirate of Dubai (Registration Number: 371339). Through our brand, we offer unique perfumes, leaving a distinctive impression on our customers with our aromatic range of luxury oils suitable for all modern occasions. Our trademark ensures that customers enjoy pleasant scents of the highest quality.

Welcome to the world of Atyab Al Nafea perfumes.

–Mr. Faisal Al Nafea


Since 1998, it was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia until the present time, and in 2020 AD, we established the company, factory, branch and store in the United Arab Emirates and soon, God willing, the first in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
It is a unique brand with fresh, modern and elegant scents….
Atyab Al Nafea welcomes you to its charming aromatic world.
   Mr. Faisal Al Nafea


The rose flavor, the original spirit of oud, musk, amber, and sandalwood are the oriental tunes in the perfumes of Faisal Al-Nafea. The splendor and charming scents are now available for purchase.