Atyab Al Nafea as a premium parfum & fragrance brand was established in 2020. Proudly known as a Emarati starup and manufacturer of high end, long-lasting perfume brand. Atyab Al Nafea is an Arab luxury & lifestyle brand known for its unique oud and strong scents made for those who would like to make an impression. By mixing unique combinations of oils & ingredients, our scents are known to have the longest strength compared to other brands. And providing elegant concepts where scent can be used with multiple combination of clothing or events. Welcome to the world of limited & exquisite perfumery designed by the founder himself, Faisal Al Nafea.


Atyab It is very difficult to be a light fragrance when it has its own unique story and its own feel. All the scents that are characterized by the strong scent of oud, amber and sandalwood are strong scents. Founded in 2020 as a uniquely rare perfume brand in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Atyab Al Nafea has designed and manufactured several strong & elegant scents for the bespoke audience.


The rose flavor, the original spirit of oud, musk, amber, and sandalwood are the oriental tunes in the perfumes of Faisal Al-Nafea. The splendor and charming scents are now available for purchase.